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Day-off moments lead to unexpected encounters.

Our teammate Lucas is a firefighter, so naturally he wanted to go visit a fire station. He ended up sharing with a Filipino firefighter that he was a missionary and firefighter from America, which then resulted in meeting the regional fire chief, where he was then asked if he could come and speak to the firefighters. Our only available day with our schedule was Tuesday, our day off, but we chose to join Lucas in ministry anyway - God had clearly lined up this opportunity to reach His people.

What we found out when we arrived was that they had sent the request to the whole fire department, and over 80 firefighters were there to hear us preach! There was also a group of Criminology Interns there that day from the university, and Cheri was able to spend time with them as well.

The hunger for more has surprised us this trip. We have had the opportunity to minister to larger groups of prisoners, students of all ages, school teachers and leaders, police officers, firefighters, and pastors. The range of beliefs that we have ministered to are just as diverse, from Catholics and Mormons, to atheists and Muslims. Opportuities also don't always present themselves during convenient times and often we have the choice to pass them by, but with our willingness to allow our schedules to be interrupted, God has presented incredible opportunities.

Oh - they also gave us a ride to the grocery store in one of their fire trucks when we left. God is so good!

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