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Healing for anyone.

This woman was simply in her "old age", so it would be easy to pass off any health conditions she may have and continue on our way. But during a day of ministry Cheri and I and our group, chose to have a conversation with her. We prayed for healing for her eyes and other "old age" issues. When we were done praying, we asked her how her eyesight was. Her reply was, "I can see you" - she had been unable to see more than fuzzy figures when we first stopped by. It was then that she shared that she just wanted to be able to read the Bible again. This simple request moved and excited all of us, so we jumped on the chance to pray for her a second time.

After we prayed again, she said that it was better, so our local pulled out their Bible to see if she could read it yet. The Bible had super small print that would stretch even our eyes, and it was still too hard for her to read. Already we had seen a miracle but we felt that it wasn't enough.

So we prayed one more time, and again she said her eyesight had improved. Our local's Bible happened to have a sticky note inside with a verse handwritten in slightly larger print, so we flipped to that note and handed it to her to read. She then read the verse to us, the first Bible verse she had read with her own eyes for YEARS!

What was the verse on the note you ask? Jeremiah 33:3 of course - "'Call to me and I will answer you."


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