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Counting strokes. Nope, I'm not talking golf.

If I had to guess, I have prayed for close to a dozen stroke victims here; it seems to be a routine experience. The last stroke victim I prayed for was actually being loaded into an ambulance.

The first time I prayed for a stroke victim, I thought nothing had happened. What I had wanted to see and a miracle were two seperate things. What I had in my expectations was the man jumping up and exclaiming that he had been healed. What I experienced was a man softly telling me that he could feel his hand again. I had to take this to God. Honestly, I complained to God about it a bit. But God lovingly asked me to be excited with this man for his encounter with God. That shaped the way I looked at stroke victims from then on. I came to bring Jesus' love, not miracles, though sometimes I do get to partner with God and witness the miraculous.

So about the guy in the photo, the one on the left - he was in a hurry so I didn't have a ton of time, but he heard about Jesus' love and encountered the presence of God. He told me after I prayed for him that he could feel that he had a leg. My prayer is that this one encounter with God is the one that he can't forget, as day by day he notices the healing power of God at work in his body each morning as he rises from his bed. I know for certain that although my time with him has ended, God is persuing him constantly that he may have a greater revelation of how good God is.


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