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The end is just the beginning (and a few numbers)

During our last month in the Philippines the primary focus has been assemblies in schools, large events filling up basketball courts, and room-to-room in schools. What does room-to-room ministry look like? Exactly what it sounds like - we go to a school and during class, we walk into every classroom in the entire school and take about 15 minutes to share the gospel. The hunger for the gospel here is unlike anything that I have ever seen in my life; we would see the majority of each class jumping up to receive Jesus with every class that we entered.

The assemblies at schools were primarily for children ranging from grades 5 to 12. During our open air events in basketball courts around the city, people were present of all ages. Not only were children responding with heartfelt commitments to follow Jesus, but we also saw an incredible response from the youth and adults that were present.

A few numbers:

From Kona we sent sbout 50 people in 5 teams, working from December through February.

We spread out into 3 neighborhood areas in Taguig City: Upper Bicutan, Tanyag, and North Signal.

YWAM Kansas City, YWAM Korea, and YWAM Philippines also came to join the fun - altogether, we were 80 people in 8 teams.

The larger joint YWAM group spent three weeks working together in February, saturating these regions within Taguig.

Our little team of 11 (not counting Isaac and Daniel) personally witnessed:

over 500 salvations

over 200 healings

over 2865 seeds planted in the hearts of those we impacted

3 radical miracles (food multiplied, favor in timing we could not have coordinated, money stretched beyond accounting.)

During that time with our total YWAM group:

over 33,100 people heard the gospel

over 27,600 people made commitments to follow Jesus

over 1,100 children, youth and adults received meals during feeding programs

Our efforts here have been a piece of a larger evangelistic effort by YWAM in the city of Taguig. So far in Taguig, in 2017 and 2018:

41,790 people have heard the Gospel, and

33,673 have made decisions to follow Jesus personally.

The best part of all of this is that it is only the beginning. Each team spent time building relationships and laying groundwork for future discipleship, ministry and YWAM involvement in the community.

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