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Sometimes a friend is the best thing to have.

God has always been good to us every day of ministry. We have always seen God reach into lives in a unique way each time we talk to someone. To be quite honest, I'm not sure how we ended up getting into the situation that got us to the woman in this picture... but Geoff, the guy in the picture, brought us to a house. The lady inside gave us her laundry list of prayers and we prayed for them. There was part of me that was expecting that God would give us a word for her while we were praying,or that afterward we would have the opportunity to talk to her about deeper things, but this time was a bit different. The moment we stopped praying we began to say our goodbyes and she said let me take you to my friend, who has had three heart attacks... so away we went! We got to the house and the lady in the photo came downstairs (really a ladder) and sat in a chair. After a short introduction we prayed for her. When we asked her how she felt after we prayed, she said that it's all gone, I am better! We had found out in the introduction that she generally felt sick and low on energy due to her heart attacks. I asked her how long ago it had been since her last heart attack, expecting her to say a year or two, but she replied that her last heart attack was in 2009. It has been 9 years of her living with the effect of the heart attacks. If that had been the end, for me it would have been enough. But God had more in mind. Our translator looked her in the eyes and asked her if she wanted salvation. She said yes, and we were able to lead her through receiving Jesus as well.

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