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I guess two for one will do. But first, pray.

On our last day of house-to-house ministry we got out into the neighborhood and paused... We hadn't prayed yet. Every time we go out we pray and ask God to give us images or words to look for and we ask him to help guide us to exactly who to talk to. So we paused in the middle of the pathway and prayed. Two of our locals got images. The first a blue house, the second a blue rain barrel. Now, it was the time to keep going, so we asked God what way we should go and went that direction.

We hadn't walked 20 feet down the street when we saw the blue barrel. We struck out trying to speak with a few people nearby, but ended up speaking with a man who came to the store next to the barrel. He shared that he was about to go for his regular kidney dialysis treatment, so we asked him if we could pray for him and he eventually agreed. We prayed for him and shared with him the details of our event we were having later that day since he was headed to an appointment. He clearly left encouraged and excited which is always amazing to see.

With one image found, we kept going to see who we got to talk to next. We soon encountered a blue house, and our local excitedly confirmed that is the house. We knocked on the door, and after speaking with the woman who answered, learned that she was the mother of the man we had just prayed for! We spent the rest of our time talking to her, encouraging her, and praying for her as well.

When we had finished praying she looked at me and told me that the lump behind her knee would go if I prayed. She said that as she grabbed my hand and placed in on the lump. So I prayed for it to go and for all pain in her leg to be gone. We didn't see anything right then (mostly because the pain she usually would experience was at night) but I know God will heal her and her son.

So in the end God used two seperate people to give two seperate images to reveal his passionate persuit toward one family. My amazement doesn't stop at God's creativity every day to reach anyone.

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